I’m so tired of pointless relationships. I just want a girl I can cuddle with & party at 2 am. I want a girl who wants to be 50/50. We both make the money, we both cook and clean. I want a relationship that’s based on honesty, respect and communication. I’m not asking for a lot just a girl I can trust even when she drunk as fuckkk. I want something real. Just love. Is that so damn hard?

Some things are just unacceptable.
If you care about someone, show it. Don’t be a fucking pathetic excuse of existence and cheat on someone who gives you everything you’ve ever wanted. Also, you better sure as hell not lie. Chances are if a woman asks you a question more than once or says “don’t lie to me” SHE ALREADY FUCKING KNOWS YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT….JUST ADMIT IT.. Oh, and dear god if you are so pathetic and you only feel like the “bigger” person if you give your partner a black eye or bruises. You should be dragged thru broken glass…No excuses. If you can’t be faithful, honest and respectful…you belong alone. It’s that simple.

I wish I had more questions tonight -.-

Anonymous asked I ain't asking a question I'm telling you you're beautiful Arkansas for life:)

Awhh thats so sweet

size-means-nothing asked wow… you are stunningly beautiful. may i ask a personal question?

Sure go ahead

For the next 24 hours imma publicly post all my messages unless you ask otherwise. (:

Mannnn, I haven’t been on tumblr in a hot minute…I’m sorry to all my followers for my MIA. Holla at meeee. (:

always-in-my-heart-x asked Hi, I just wanted to check and see if your okay, I'm always here if you want to talk.

Gee thanks(: